Terms and Conditions

FairGo Australia has an official registration and license that allows it to operate in the country and be a part of the gambling industry. In addition, the company constantly supports and complies with all international and national laws in this area. For the operation of the site and FairGo mobile app to comply with all legal requirements and for users to be safe and comfortable, the casino has developed a set of rules.

The terms and conditions tell users what requirements they must meet to use the site in accordance with the regulations. In addition, players will be able to learn their basic rights and responsibilities. Before gambling here, Australian gamers must read this agreement and accept it. If you do not want to do this, it means you can not use the casino services.

The company’s management draws attention to the fact that this document can be adjusted and supplemented at any time. The organization will notify all gamblers in advance by email of upcoming changes. However, users can check the news tab or terms and conditions page for updates themselves.

FairGo Casino Terms and Conditions

Requirements for players

Although the casino is always open to new Australian players, they must comply with certain requirements for hassle-free and legal gaming:

  • In some countries, gambling is an illegal activity. Therefore, players must ensure that they are residents of Australia and register with Fair Go from this country;
  • A player can only create a profile if they have reached the age of majority. In Australia, you must be at least 18 years old. Company employees may also require appropriate documents to confirm age;
  • A user can only have one profile in an online casino. If a player creates a second account from the same IP address or email, then the company may decide to block the profile or implement other sanctions;
  • Employees of the casino, suppliers, subsidiaries, and advertising agencies cannot create an account on the site according to the rules;
  • The user is responsible for making payments to the tax authorities based on the results of activities on the website or app;
  • The player is obliged to keep the login information for their account secret and not disclose it to third parties. If a gamer discovers that someone has accessed their profile without their knowledge, they must immediately contact support.

Requirements for FairGo players

Identity verification

After creating a profile on the site, the FairGo employees will conduct a check to ensure the accuracy of the information provided, as well as compliance with the requirements. The user needs to know certain rules of this process:

  • The gamer must provide a photograph of any document that proves their identity, as well as a bank statement or a paid utility bill;
  • A copy of all documents must be sent via email. The user must ensure that all photographs are of good quality and reflect the required information;
  • If the AU gambling company has questions, additional documents may be required from the player.

Verification Fair Go account

Prohibited actions

To prevent yourself from having problems that could lead to profile blocking or legal proceedings, you should not perform certain actions:

  • Cheat the game by using malware;
  • Insult other gamers or employees of the casino;
  • Damage the reputation of a gambling company;
  • Copy and distribute Fair GO Australia intellectual property for commercial purposes;
  • Use the platform to commit fraud, money laundering, and other crimes.

Prohibited actions at FairGo

Closing a profile

Fair GO Australia has the right to cancel a user’s profile without prior notice or explanation. Such action may also result from the following events:

  • The gamer has more than one account on the site;
  • The player’s name and other data do not match what is indicated in the identification document and payment method;
  • The user provides incorrect information when creating a profile;
  • The gambler allowed a third party to use a profile;
  • The user was suspected of foul play or fraud, money laundering, and other crimes.

Closing of FairGo players' profile

Rules of bonuses and promotions

To encourage players, Fair Go Australia constantly offers users various bonuses and gifts. However, you must use them correctly to get benefits:

  • Only registered players who have passed the verification process can participate in promotions;
  • Each bonus is available for use only once;
  • The gift will be credited to the player’s account in the form of bonus money until the client fulfills the terms of the promotion. After this, they will be able to withdraw real money;
  • The promotion is considered completed if the player has met all the conditions, including the wager;
  • The bonus conditions can be changed by the company at any time without prior notice to players;
  • In order to participate in the promotion, the user must make a deposit of at least 20 Australian dollars;
  • Bonus promotions are not eligible for players from certain countries, including Albania, Armenia, Brazil, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Kazakhstan, Lithuania, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Thailand, and the UK.

Rules of FairGo Casino bonuses

Tournaments: order of holding

In addition to participating in bonus promotions, gamblers can also become participants in a tournament. This procedure has special rules:

  • Before participating in the tournament, the user must study all the rules;
  • If the user’s profile was inactive or the last deposit was made more than 3 months ago, then they can only claim winnings in the tournament once;
  • If a gambler is on the list of countries excluded from bonuses, then they cannot take part in the tournament;
  • If the Internet connection is interrupted during the game, you can return to the tournament. In addition, the amount will remain unchanged, reflecting what it was before the shutdown;
  • The prize for the tournament represents real money, which the player can withdraw immediately after the end of the event.

Terms of FairGo Tournaments