Fairgo Responsible Gaming Policies and Strategies

Gambling at Fairgo is safe and exciting but could pose serious addiction threats if not controlled. We understand the financial and health dangers of irresponsible gambling. Consequently, we devised and implemented time-tested methods to help you keep your gaming expeditions in check.

About playing responsibly at Fair Go Casino - what need to know

Major Risks of Uncontrolled Gambling

Before we delve into details regarding our methods of preventing obsession, let’s discuss the risks of reckless gambling. When pursued irresponsibly, playing casino games could affect your finances, relationships, concentration, and overall wellness.

  • Casino game addiction could seriously hurt your financial health.
  • Gambling affects your ability to focus and can lead to career or job loss.
  • Unsafe gambling habits could lead to criminal activities like stealing or fraud.
  • A feral urge to gamble could lead to unhealthy borrowing habits and property loss.
  • It could lead to health threats like anxiety disorder, mental breakdown, or in the worst cases, suicide.
  • Addition to gambling could wreck your health relations with friends and family members.

What are the risks and consequences of gambling - tips from Fair Go Casino

Why Does Fairgo Champion Responsible Gambling?

It’s legally required of us to tell our members the dangers of not taming their urge to reckless gamble. It’s our core duty to offer our members a safe environment to exercise their right to have fun. However, that must never be at the expense of their finances and well-being. Fairgo responsible gambling policies are implemented to help you in the following ways:

  • To educate you on the dangers of not minding your careless gambling;
  • To build trust among our members, stakeholders, and gambling operators;
  • To ensure underage never create accounts or gamble on our casino;
  • To create a safe and rewarding gaming atmosphere free of the triggers that lead to addiction.

Encouraging Responsible Gambling at Fair Go Casino - Tips from Fair Go

How Do We Help Our Members Gamble Responsibly?

In our legal agreement with the governments of the jurisdictions we operate in, we promised to promote safe and accountable gambling. Part of our efforts to honor this agreement involves implementing the following healthy-gambling policies:

Help for addicted players from Fair Go Casino - what help

Responsive and Reliable Customer Support

Our fully-trained customer representatives are ready to offer you the support and counseling you need when you feel overwhelmed by gambling addiction. We can put off features and bonus offers that increase your urge to gamble.

Ethical Marketing Policies

We want our casino to be known and played by many gamblers as possible. However, we don’t take advantage of vulnerable gamblers by sending offers and promos that could worsen their addiction. We tailor our marketing messages to the needs of the players at every particular time.

Deposit Limits

We have curbed the amount you can deposit at once to limits we think are safe and manageable. We aim to prevent uncontrolled deposit habits leading to hefty financial losses.

Wagering Limits

At Fairgo Casino, we limit how much you can bet with in a single bet. We placed a wagering limit to enable vulnerable members to manage their bankrolls responsibly while keeping their gaming habits under check.

Temporary Account Blocking

One of the ways we promote responsible gambling is by chipping in to protect the most vulnerable gamblers against losing their finances and friends because of excessive gambling. Although we want to keep you around and provide you with an opportunity to have fun and gamble, we wouldn’t mind blocking your account for a certain period to help you heal from gambling addiction.