Privacy Policy

Fair Go Australia, like any gambling company that has the necessary permits and registration of activities, does not have any problems with operating in this country. This casino supports all global and national gambling laws. One of these laws is the protection of users’ data. This company is committed to ensuring that players’ gaming experience on the official website, mobile version, and FairGo mobile app is safe, convenient, and fun. To achieve this goal, FairGo has developed a privacy policy.

According to this agreement, the gamer agrees to transfer part of the private details to the our company, so that it can be used for legal purposes and for the benefit of other Australian players. In addition, the document describes all procedures and rights of gamblers. Before creating a profile on the site or in the app, the user must agree to all the provisions, otherwise, they will not be able to become a user of this casino.

Fair Go Australia may change this privacy policy at its discretion. Staff will email each user with the new agreement in advance to give them time to review any adjustments. However, users can independently visit the corresponding page on the original website or application from time to time.

FairGo Casino Privacy Policy

What information is needed?

In order for Fair Go Australia to satisfy gamblers with the services it provides, the company needs to know some private details. This does not concern personal life or other nuances. An organization needs to obtain information that can identify gamers. This includes:

  • First and last name;
  • Date of birth and gender;
  • Residence address;
  • Email and mobile number;
  • Identification documents;
  • Payment method;
  • Transaction history;
  • IP address, device, and browser type;
  • Time and date of the gambling session.

personal information FairGo collects

Reasons for collection

Fair GoAustralia undertakes that all reasons to obtain and analyze private information are legal and do not violate the rights of gamers. The examples are:

  • The casino intends to notify players of any changes in procedures, new promotions, and events;
  • The company wants to improve services and increase the quality and productivity of the staff;
  • Fair Go will be able to identify problems associated with gambling on the site;
  • The casino will be able to prevent crimes and other illegal activities here;
  • The company can identify players who do not meet FairGo requirements.

Main reasons for FairGo's information collection

Marketing policy

To improve the gaming experience of users, the casino tries to take into account all their preferences and needs. This is possible when the company receives and analyzes personal data. Players should not worry about this procedure, since the company will not use it in any way other than to set tasks for the marketing department.

Marketing policy at FairGo casino


The casino keeps in strict confidence any information related to winnings: amount, payment method, and so on. In addition, Fair Go Australia will never transfer personal data to third parties unless required to do so by law.

FairGo Casino winnings information

Customer Service

If users have questions about this document and implementation, they can contact customer support. This department also assists in cases of customer rights violations or other complaints. The player must write a letter and email it to support agents.

Customer Support at FairGo Casino